THM International

Airline and Revenune Management Consulting

About Us

THM International was founded by Thomas "Tom" Martin to provide supporting services to businesses servicing the airline and aviation industry.   THM's specialty is revenue management, e-commerce/social media, and marketing.  

With over 30 years airline and aviation related experience, Tom has a passion for the industry.  He led the DFW Team at Worldwide Flight Services, supporting the American Airlines USPS contract.  In addition, he was Fixed Assets Manager at Integrated Airlines Services.  In 2007, Tom joined AMB Property Corporation overseeing the Airport Facilities Group at DFW Airport.  For nine years, he was responsible for Capacity and Pricing of the Miami Hub and Latin America Division at American Airlines Cargo.  Prior to his time with AA Cargo, Tom worked in Inside Sales for American Airlines.  He started as a ramp agent in 1983 for Airserv, the main ground handling company serving Long Beach Airport.

THM's motto is 'Maximizing Opportunities for Success.'  As a small business owner, Tom understands the importance of minimizing costs and maximizing revenue.  For information on how THM International can help your company, contact us by e-mail at:  You can also visit our blog at:    

 Owner and President - Thomas "Tom" Martin